A 500 W, 915 MHz radar wind profiler with Radio Acoustic Sounding System (RASS), Radian LAP-3000 model, has operated continuously at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) near Grid 3 just north of INTEC since 1992. The radar wind profiler with RASS provides highly-resolved round-the-clock data for mixing layer characteristics above the sounding site. The radar wind profiler has a vertical range of approximately 522 to 16,157 ft. with a vertical resolution set at 331 ft. Remotely-sensed measurements include wind speed and direction. The RASS samples vertical virtual air temperature profiles in range gates of 331 ft. from 522 to 5,380 ft. AGL, or about 1/3 the maximum height of the wind profiler. The actual maximum measurement heights of both the radar wind profiler and the RASS are dependent on atmospheric conditions and rarely reaches the potential maximum measurement height. FRD also has a second Radian LAP-3000 wind profiler and RASS that is mobile and is used in different research projects. More information on the radar profiler can be found here.

Quality Control

The profiler data is retrieved and stored in the FRD database similarly to the Mesonet data. The system uses an automatic quality control algorithm provided by the manufacturer. The alogorithm includes spatial and temporal consistency checks with nearby measurements.

Radar Wind Profiler and RASS located at Grid 3.

Modified: October 24, 2014
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