A mini sodar is a remote sensing device that measures vertical profiles of wind speed and direction in the lowest levels of the atmosphere. FRD has an Atmospheric Systems Corporation (ASC) model 4000 sodar. This mini-sodar has a vertical range of 15 to 200 m with a resolution increment interval of 5 m. A picture of the mini-sodar can be seen below. The mini-sodar is located approximately 800 m northeast of the center of GRID 3. FRD has valid data for the sodar since April 1, 2009. FRD also has 3 additional mobile mini-sodars that are used for research purposes. Two of those sodars are the ASC model 4000 and the third mobile sodar is an Atmospheric Research and Technology VT-1 model.

Quality Control

FRD uses the software program called SodarView from ASC, for its data acquisition, analysis, storage and display package. The sodar also has limited automated quality control features as part of the data collection. Data is viewed on the computer screen daily to make sure that the device is working correctly. If the device is found not working an electrician will troubleshoot the instrument.

Mini sodar located at Grid 3.

Modified: October 24, 2014
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