EPA - Near Roadway Tracer Study (2008) Photos

Title: Aerial view of barrier grid

Title: Aerial view of non-barrier grid

Title: Barrier being built

Title: Truck carrying straw bales

Title: Sound barrier finished

Title: Assembled tracer release syringe

Title: Tracer release syringe

Title: One tracer release line next the barrier

Title: Tracer release line on non-barrier grid

Title: Trailer that holds the tracer release mechanism

Title: Randy Johnson working on the release mechanism

Title: SF6 tracer release mechanism

Title: Jason Rich programming a bag sampler

Title: Roger Carter setting out bag samplers

Title: Roger Carter working on the fast response analyzer

Title: Pickup with fast response analyzer inside measuring SF6 next to barrier

Title: Pickup with fast response analyzer inside measuring SF6 on non-barrier grid

Title: Sonic anemometers along with bag samplers on barrier grid

Title: Tom Strong servicing the sonics on the tower

Title: Jason Rich, Tom Strong, Dennis Finn, Dr. Kirk Clawson, Vlad Isakov

Title: Dr. Clawson working inside command center with Vlad Isakov

Modified: March 1, 2011
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